Are Hair Plugs Worth the Trouble?

hair plugs

Hair plugs are a popular solution for those dealing with hair loss. They involve surgically transplanting small sections of healthy hair to areas where hair has thinned or gone completely bald. If you’re suffering from rapid hair loss, plugs sound like an ideal solution, but there are some major downsides to plugs that go beyond […]

Is Hair Restoration Right for You?

hair restoration with PRP

Going bald is rarely in anyone’s plans. While there are several options for “curing baldness” through hair transplant surgery and unreliable dyes and medications, the truth is that hair restoration is one of the most reliable ways to bring back your locks. The natural Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure has come a long way in recent […]

Can You Actually Regenerate Your Hair?

Regenerate Hair

Hair is one of the biggest confidence boosters and pride points that people have in their appearance. Whether you have long luscious blonde locks, or a shaggy dark mop top, it’s likely you love your hair and wouldn’t be thrilled if one day, it started to thin out, pull out in clumps or recede at […]