Sep 28, 2022

The Do’s and Don’ts of Arthritis Pain Management

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No matter where you experience pain from arthritis, it’s a feeling that takes an immense toll on your physical, mental, and emotional condition.

While many people turn to harsh medication prescriptions for pain management, some may seek other forms of relief that don’t include the letters R and X. 

At Advanced Regenerative Medicine, we focus on all-natural pain relief remedies that are noninvasive and produce real results for our patients.

Here’s a look at some of our big do’s and don’ts for managing arthritis pain and flare-ups.

Do: Exercise

Staying physically active is an excellent way to manage pain without over-reliance on medications. While it can seem counterintuitive to use exercise as a way to relieve pain there are specific ways to approach daily movement:

  • Focus on range-of-motion exercises
  • Stretch daily
  • Walking
  • Light cycling
  • Water activity

Before implementing any exercise routine, always reach out to a doctor for advice about the right exercises for your body.

Don’t: Overexert Your Joints

On the reverse side of the exercise approach to pain management, it’s easy to overextend yourself and cause further damage to your body. High-impact exercises that involve running, jumping, and repetitive motion are all exercise forms anyone with arthritis should avoid. 

Do: Rely On Heat for Your Pain

Stiff muscles and swollen joints are among the most common symptoms of arthritis pain. Fortunately, a heating pad or hot bath can loosen joints and muscles, creating temporary relief.

Sadly, no one can stay in the tub or shower forever. So, it’s likely that this relief has a brief window and people can expect their pain to return shortly.

Don’t: Fall Victim to Common Vices

Chronic pain is an issue that also impacts a person’s mental health. When we aren’t mentally feeling our best, it’s easy to turn to habits like overeating, smoking, and drinking to take our minds off of issues.

Overeating can lead to weight gain, which increases arthritis complications and can exacerbate joint pain. 

Smoking also adds stress to your joint’s connective tissues. This added stress increases joint pain.

Don’t: Be Too Reliant on Over-the-Counter Medications

Common over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Advil can bring temporary relief to arthritis pain. While taking these medications every now and then isn’t an issue, becoming overly reliant on them can lead to long-term liver damage.

In fact, if you have to use these medications too often, the chances are high that your arthritis has advanced to the point where they are now ineffective.

Do: Seek Help From a Medical Professional

A self-diagnosis and prescription for pain management is never the way to approach long-term pain relief. No matter your approach to arthritis flare-up relief, a medical professional can always give you the most accurate answer for reliable results.

At Advanced Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in working with patients who are ready for long-term relief from arthritis, joint, and chronic neurological pain. We can help you along your journey to a pain-free life through our orthobiologic approach that involves zero surgery and dangerous pain medicine prescriptions.

How Can Orthobiologics Help Your Arthritic Pain?

The orthobiologic approach to pain management we take at Advanced Regenerative Medicine is unlike any other process our patients have experienced.

Through our all-natural non-invasive techniques, our pain management specialists can help regenerate and heal damaged tissue in the body. As your body replenishes tissue between its joints, less stress is experienced during daily activities, resulting in long-term relief from arthritic pain.

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