Aug 31, 2022

How to Manage Daily Chronic Pain

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Living with an auto-immune disease can lead to unexpected flare-ups and bouts of chronic pain that seem to have no end.

While auto-immune diseases like fibromyalgia and osteoporosis aren’t curable, the pain they bring to a person’s lifestyle is still something you can manage without the threat of a crippling addiction to opioids.

At Advanced Regenerative Medicine, we help patients manage chronic pain and prevent it before it flares up.

Here’s a closer look at techniques and other management recommendations we know can help patients experience pain relief.

Constant Activity

While it may seem counterproductive to decrease pain through increased exercise, moving the body can decrease the amount of pain experienced throughout the day.

Exercise can help increase nerve functions and help decrease the symptoms of neuropathy that cause the pain you live with.

Note that constant activity doesn’t mean hitting the gym hard every day. We suggest starting off slow with a walk around the neighborhood. As the body begins to react to daily activities, you can gradually increase how much you perform.

Remember that when exercising, you must always listen to the body and never push it beyond its comfort zone.

Balancing Out the Daily Schedule

Stress is a massive cause of chronic pain when you have an auto-immune condition. Therefore, ensuring that you pace out your daily activities and give yourself time to rest can help ease pain.

Responsibilities, over-planning, and excess recreation are all parts of your daily schedule that can cause stress and force your body to work overtime, leading to chronic pain.

If you must maintain your full schedule, we recommend taking breaks between activities and letting your mind and body decrease the stress involved with growing pain and gradually reduce your pain levels.

Heat and Ice Therapy

Baths and electric heating pads can work wonders for your daily pain management.

Cold therapy through ice pack placement or ice baths reduces inflammation and pain in targeted areas. Applying ice to a targeted area can also decrease nerve activity and grant you temporary pain relief.

A hot shower can help the body increase blood flow and relax muscles and joints. If you’re experiencing localized pain, a heating pad can decrease pain and improve circulation and muscle mobility.


Believe it or not; mindfulness can help ease chronic pain. This point refers to taking a break between activities if pain flares up. While you may not have to do the traditional form of meditation to experience the benefits of this management technique, something as simple as sitting in a favorite chair, closing your eyes, or taking a moment away from screen time can let the mind work its natural healing touch.

Shockwave Therapies

Shockwave therapy from Advanced Regenerative Medicine is an excellent way to stop flare-ups before they occur. We provide a long-term natural solution to pain relief through our non-invasive treatment.

Our shockwave therapy sessions deliver shockwaves to injured soft tissue, reducing pain and promoting healing.

Diminish the need for physical therapy today, with the help of our orthobiologic approach to pain.

Manage Auto-Immune Pain Today With Advanced Regenerative Medicine

If you’re ready to take control of pain management beyond surgeries and medications, Advanced Regenerative Medicine can help. Our biologic approach puts our natural therapies to work and can organically regenerate damaged tissues, thus relieving chronic pain. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with